Evolve + Elevate + Expand

It's not always about budget.

With their competitors greatly outspending them in the local market, the San Diego Honda Dealers needed to jumpstart their marketing.

We began by evolving a new brand idea for the dealer group that would capture the Honda values, the attitude of the dealers, and the culture of San Diego: Always Sunny.

The strategically unifying Always Sunny message was elevated and expanded through monthly-themed sales events, a re-designed website, targeted search, increased social media, innovative digital, and on-site promotions. And it’s driven real results.

Record Breaking Sales

The last three years, the San Diego Honda Dealers have enjoyed record-breaking performance, as sales and market share have increased dramatically at the expense of the competition. In 2017, the Civic was the #1 selling car in San Diego and the Civic was #2, while Honda enjoyed the highest market share increase of all manufacturers in San Diego County for the second year in a row.


Years of Record Breaking Sales(2015 - 2017)


Added Value to Cash Budget


Incremental Honda Lot Visits